FreedomStream is a new service that allows churches to stream all of our video material for a low monthly or annual subscription that can be cancelled at any time. 

  • Get access to all the Freedom In Christ small group discipleship courses.
  • No longer does each small group need to buy a DVD to run a course.
  • Share your log in details with all your members so they can catch up if they miss a session or repeat a session if they want to go deeper.
  • Browse our full range of discipleship courses to see which ones your small groups might benefit from next.
  • Most videos have optional subtitles in English and other languages too.
  • There are two great training courses to equip your small group leaders.

Your subscription to FreedomStream gives you access to all these resources:

It also includes these video training courses for small group leaders:

New material will be added as it becomes available.

Your subscription will help us continue to produce outstanding discipleship resources to unleash the international Church to change the world!


FreedomStream videos are viewable in a variety of different qualities, ranging from 360p to HD and our player automatically switches between all available qualities to accommodate changes in the viewer’s Internet speed. 

QualityRequired Minimum Bandwidth
360p1 Mbps
720p4 Mbps
1080p6 Mbps


Charges are based on average weekly church attendance size and can be debited in a choice of currencies.

FreedomStream Monthly Subscription
Average weekly congregation size£US$C$A$NZ$CHF
Up to 10015212618262920
101 - 35025354329444834
351 - 75035496041616747
751 - 1,50050708558879567
1,501 - 2,5007510512787130142100
Above 2500100139169116173189133
FreedomStream Annual Subscription
Average weekly congregation size£US$C$A$NZ$CHF
Up to 100150209254174260284200
101 - 350250348423290433473333
351 - 750350487592406606662466
751 - 1,500500695845580865945665
1,501 - 2,5007501043126887012981418998
Above 25001000139016901160173018901330
Songs/Lyrics/Accompanying Trax£US$C$A$NZ$CHF
Individual full mixes OR accompaniment trax (per song)4575785
Full mix AND accompaniment trax together (per song)7811711128
Full mixes AND accompaniment trax (whole album)51658256859365

We take payment securely via PayPal. Credit/debit cards will be debited automatically once a month or once a year until you choose to cancel the service.

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