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Translation of DVD subtitles into Latvian for the new FIC Discipleship Course

A brief description of your project: 

Translation of the new FIC Discipleship Course DVD subtitles into Latvian (10 sessions) 

Why is this needed?: 

Latvia is a small nation. There are about 2 million Latvian language native speakers. Because of the difficult economy, about 200,000 people was forced to leave Latvia and go abroad to earn money in the Western countries to support families in Latvia or just to survive. Some of the Christians families are mixed with English or Irish. For these families it will be very important to have the Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course in both languages: English with the Latvian subtitles. Some are simply alone or without the possibility to visit church regulary. They will love to have DVD with Latvian subtitles at home. We have Anglican and International churches in Latvia as well. So this new DVD can be distributes in different countries and Latvia.

What difference will this make in people's lives?: 

Subtitles translation into Latvian will give a possibility for Latvians, who do not speak perfect English to understand the content of the course much more better and to participate simultaneously with the English speaking church members or in the home cell (groups) with mixed people - Latvians and English.

Further information on the project: 

The translation is done by a Latvian translator Mara Zviedre from Riga, Latvia (She has translated the original Discipleship Course and Grace Course into Latvian, as well as N.T. Andersen books "Victory Over The Darkness", "How To Overcome Depression") and Latvians from Darby, U.K. mostly by Ilva Dabolina "New Life" church. The translation is mostly completed and part of the costs have been covered. However we are short of €1,280 (about US$1,440/£1,130). Can you help us out, please?

If you know of any Latvian Christians, please share this message to introduce them to the wonderful message of Freedom In Christ. If they are not yet Christians, this would be a good opportunity to talk about Jesus. We appreciate your prayers and donations towards this cause. God bless you.

For more information, please contact our Latvia representative Juris Tuns at

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How much money do you need to raise?: 
€1,280 (about US$1,440/£1,130)
Go live date: 
Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Expiry date: 
Wednesday, 27 September 2017
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