We are very excited to announce the appointment of Rev. Samson Bisi as FIC's National Representative as of March 2015.  He begins our customary probationary period as he seeks to develop a prayer team, does trainings for pastors, seeks to get materials printed as well as his ongoing work as a denominational leader.  To contact Samson you may email him at

Congratulations Samson!



Need for car and personal support for Samson Bisi, FIC Representative Nigeria

A brief description of your project: 

Samson will be retiring from the Baptist Ministry in December 2016 to lead the Freedom in Christ Ministry in Nigeria. His area includes training a network of voumteers and pastors in 36 States and Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria. In addition, he has also received invitations from surrounding countries - Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Cameroon.

Why is this needed?: 

The ministry requires a car and financial support for the team to travel to the various areas mentioned. Invitations have already been received from 4 states (Lagos State, Oyo State, Yobe State and Federal Capital Territory) in Nigeria and the 3 countries mentioned above.

What difference will this make in people's lives?: 

This will help us reach and equip more church leaders with effective tools to make growing, fruitful disciples in Nigeria and the surrounding countries.

Further information on the project: 

The Discipleship Course has already been translated and printed in Nigeria through donations (local and foreign), and we would like to bring the Freedom message throughout Nigeria to the local churches including parts where there is Islamic unrest.

Please consider partnering with us in this urgent project. We are humbled that supporters around the world care so much for us that would even consider this campaign. Some may not be able to do the groundwork but God bless them with the abilities that enable them to support others who can. Both do the same work but from different perspectives. This is what makes a partnership. Both are very important to “Go and Make Disciples”.

Car - $25,500

Personal Support - $6,000 ($500 per month)


To Donate: Please click here. For US based donors who require a tax deduction receipt, please go to: Please select 'one-time donation' as the option. It will then bring you to our US office site to process the payment.

To contact us:  Tel: +254 702 047 742 (Howard) Tel: +234 803 585 1137 (Samson)

How much money do you need to raise?: 
Go live date: 
Thursday, 17 November 2016
Expiry date: 
Monday, 17 July 2017
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