About Us

The mission of Freedom In Christ Ministries International is to equip the Church to transform the nations by:

- Creating the most effective and highest quality discipleship resources to help followers of Jesus Christ know who they are and what they have in Him.

- Empowering and equipping the Body of Christ to make fruitful disciples in every generation.

If you have a leadership position of any kind in a church and a heart to see your church make growing, fruitful disciples who are making a real impact in your community, do please find your local representative from the map on our home page and get in touch with them. We'd love to work with you.

Pictured are members of our international team gathered for our biannual staff meeting. We all have a heart to serve the local church in every country in the world.



Our History

Freedom In Christ Ministries was started in 1989 in the USA by Dr. Neil T. Anderson, a former pastor and seminary professor. Neil has written dozens of books, the best-known of which are Victory Over The Darkness and The Bondage Breaker which have sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

In 2004 Neil Anderson and Steve Goss, then our UK Director, co-wrote The Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course, initially just for the UK where it was used by over 4,000 churches to help over 200,000 people become fruitful disciples. Now available worldwide and translated into a dozen or so languages and counting, it is our strategic resource for equipping the Church.

Over the years, our USA office appointed a number of international representatives but it was not until 2008 when we formed an International Coucil that we intentionally set out to take our discipleship approach to "every country in the world where God opens the door" by forming an International Council. Since then the ministry has expanded quickly into many more countries and that expansion continues.

In 2012 Neil Anderson handed the baton of international leadership of the ministry over to Steve Goss who became International Director (pictured with his wife, Zoe, who works alongside him in the role). Reporting to the International Council, he leads our international office, a virtual office that is not based in any particular country (it currently has staff in the UK, Malaysia and Canada) and which supports our representatives around the world.




Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Freedom In Christ Ministries International is: to equip the Church worldwide, enabling it to establish its people, marriages, and ministries alive and free in Christ through genuine repentance and faith in God.

The vision of the FICMI Council is: to see the message and ministry of Freedom In Christ expand into every country in the world as God opens the doors.

You may also like to see our Statement Of Faith and our Core Values.

If you have a heart for making disciples, we'd encourage you to contact our Representative in your country. If there is currently no representative, please pray that God will open the door. If you feel that you might be instrumental in this, find out about representing FICMI in your country.